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Bragg Liquid Aminos 32 Oz.
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Bragg Liquid Aminos 32 Oz.

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Bragg Liquid Aminos is a Certified NON-GMO liquid protein concentrate, derived from soybeans, that contains the following Essential and Non-essential Amino Acids in naturally occurring amounts: Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Glutamic Acid, Glycine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, thionine, Phenylalanine, Proline, Serine, Threonine, Tyrosine, Valine, Lysine. Great on Salads & Dressings, Soups, Veggies, Rice & Beans, Tofu, Wok & Stir-frys, Tempeh, Casseroles, Potatoes, Meats, Poultry, Fish, Jerky, Popcorn, Gravies & Sauces, Macrobiotics. Ingredients: Our Bragg Liquid Aminos are made from health-giving, NON-GMO soybeans and purified water. They are an excellent, healthy, gourmet replacement for Tamari and Soy Sauce. Not fermented or heated. Bragg's has a small amount of naturally occurring sodium. No table salt is added. If less sodium is desired use a 6 oz. Bragg's spray bottle and dilute with 1/3 distilled water or to taste and then either add in or spray on food.


Gourmet healthy alternative to Soy, Tamari, and Worchestershire Sauce

ONLY 110 MG Sodium Per Serving

Made from healthy NON-GMO Soybeans

A source of delicious, nutritious, life-renewing protein.

Taste you'll love - Nutrition you need.

Product Details:
Product Length: 3.2 inches
Product Width: 3.2 inches
Product Height: 9.9 inches
Product Weight: 2.0 pounds
Package Length: 9.8 inches
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Package Weight: 2.6 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 422 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 422 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

278 of 310 found the following review helpful:

2Silly MarketingJul 21, 2010
By Bob "RNutz"
This stuff is unfermented soy sauce. I don't know what fermentation does for soy sauce, but what I know is that my low-sodium tamari soy sauce has about the same nutritional value as Bragg but tastes a whole lot better. Don't be fooled by the small serving size in Liquid Aminos, the sodium content is high; this is not a low sodium food (my tamari sauce contains less sodium per volume, and it's still high). The amino acid profile means nothing in small quantities, it's not like anyone drinks soy sauce for its protein. A half-dime sized piece of tofu contains more amino acids than a serving of this.

I recommend you go for a high quality Asian brand of low sodium soy sauce. It'll taste better, and it'll be at least as healthy.

165 of 189 found the following review helpful:

1more sodium than regular soy sauce!Oct 13, 2012
By Jem
I was recommended this product by a friend who had read several articles on it being a healthier option than soy sauce. So, I tried it. It tastes okay - not as good as traditional soy sauce, but a decent substitute in recipes calling for it. I used it for a few weeks before finally looking more closely at the label. Kikkoman Soy Sauce has 920mg of sodium per serving. Low Sodium Kikkoman Soy Sauce has 575mg per serving. Bragg's has 160mg per serving. However, all the soy sauces I checked have a serving size of one tablespoon. Bragg's serving size is HALF A TEASPOON! This makes it 960mg in an equivalent serving - more than regular soy sauce! I was shocked, and then angry.

Every "substitute" product - whether low fat, low sodium, higher fiber, whatever - I have ever tried before now has the same serving size as the product it is recommended in place of. Not only is this not equivalent, it is a ridiculous serving size. I could not find another liquid condiment of any type (ketchup, mustard, steak sauce, salad dressing, ginger sauce, etc.) that had a serving size smaller than one tablespoon, and many are two tablespoons. Not only is regular soy sauce lower in sodium, but obviously the low sodium options from name brands like Kikkoman or La Choy are significantly lower.

There are many other seasoning options that are lower in sodium than this. If you like the taste, that is one thing. However, if you are looking to lower your sodium intake this is not a good product. Further, I feel that THE SERVING SIZE IS DESIGNED TO DECEIVE CUSTOMERS, and I will not be trying another Bragg product ever again.

82 of 96 found the following review helpful:

3Taste is great, but research makes me wonder a little bit.Apr 05, 2011
By Cecile Zoe "CecileZoe"
When I bought this, it really has a more full bodied and yummy flavor that I enjoy. The name might sound strange, but really it tastes a lot like soy sauce, with a slight molasses flavor that seems to linger behind for a long while after consuming some of it (You might not notice this, but I noticed it so much because I had it with plain rice.) I was so excited about this purchase literally an hour ago but after some research I have seen a few things about it that I am like, eh, now (although the taste is pretty good, still.) It seems to have a low sodium content at first, although, unfortunately, it does not. In one half teaspoon there is 6% of your daily value. However, there are 3 teaspoons in one tablespoon. Most soy sauce or tamari (or shoyu, whatever may be your flavor) shows a serving size as 1 tablespoon. To get a real comparison, you have to multiply that amount by 6. So, in reality, if you put 1tbsp of Bragg's just like you might normal soy sauce, you would get something exactly as salty. However, they do speak of a spray bottle option, which I would definitely think about using in the future for not just bragg's, but any soy sauce. That sounds very economical and very smart to keep the salt content in my food low. Also, it is a processed soy product. It is more raw than soy sauce though, because it is not fermented - a positive for this product. But there is some concern with false or misleading labeling. Bragg's makes it sound like they obtain the product through non-chemical processing methods and markets it as a health food product. However, the company has admitted that the sauce is made by treating a soy product with hydrochloric acid, the aminos are separated, and that the end product is neutralized again with basically baking soda. This sounds a tad bit yucky and chemical-y to me, but, then again, hydrochloric acid naturally occurs in your stomach (which I learned just today, and makes this sound, well, not as bad as I thought, but still, eh.)

Also, some people on forum sites about Bragg's described instances where they did some prolonged fasting diets after regularly using Bragg's and complained of a smell remniscent of the sauce coming out of their sweat for days and days. That is strange, and I don't know if it could have been singularly from the bragg's, but garlic and onion also permeate a lot through your tissue, and being pregnant and nasally sensitive lately, I smell that on people who AREN'T fasting for days after they eat it and it just smells gross and so sour. Those two ingredients are in almost EVERYTHING we eat, especially if you eat packaged foods! From personal experience also, I have definitely had some yuck smells just keep coming out of me while fasting, but those smells could be from a lot of different things.

Personally, I haven't experienced any strange smells on myself. However, a little bit goes a long way. You will probably get a headache and fatigued if you use more than 1 tbsp. I don't use too much on my food, not more than one tbsp at the very most, and I'm not an exceptionally salty type of person and I'm trying to cut it down or at least use healthy salt alternatives instead.

Another one of my concerns is the lack of the organic label. I shoot for getting most everything organic. Having this not have an organic label worries me about some of the production processes (not just the ones I spoke about above) but also that they might not put environmental concerns somewhere at the top of their checklist as a company. This is just a theoretical idea of mine.

In any case, I bought a giant bottle of this, and I'll probably use it just about till it's gone unless I think of someone I would like to give it to and find another (preferably organic and raw) alternative I like - it still tastes pretty good and I don't have any reason to dislike it for that!

94 of 119 found the following review helpful:

5Yum, yum, good!Jan 24, 2007
By R. Wood
I ran across Bragg Liquid Aminos purely by accident. I happened to see it on the shelf at some store when I was shopping for groceries and decided to try it out. I am into healthy foods these days because I am in my 50s with a family history of high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

The Nutrition Facts numbers were good --- 0 mg total fat, o mg cholesterol, 100 mg carbs, 110 mg sodium, and 290 mg of protein. According to the manufacurer, the 100 mg sodium is not added, but is what naturally grows within the ingredients.

Wow. Good tasting stuff! Somehow, it tastes salty without being loaded with salt.

Having lived in Kentucky as a kid, I know and understand the appeal of the best tasting food in the world -- southern greens. But, as you know if you have ever had them, they are loaded with fat and salt.

What I found, as a good alternative, is to steam raw greens in a microwave steamer, using no salt and instead, sprinkling in Bragg Liquid Aminos, along with chopped onions, and your favorite non-salt spices.

Hhm, boy!

12 of 13 found the following review helpful:

5delicious GF productNov 30, 2008
By L. A.
Bragg's makes a great seasoning for almost anything. I love that it is gluten free. All you need is a very small amount to season your food - a little goes a long way. You might even want to use a spray bottle for application. It is cheaper to buy this size and make your own spray bottle, as opposed to purchasing the Bragg's spray seasoning bottle. Despite what other reviewers say, this does make a good substitute for soy sauce. I have used it to make fried rice and used it for my sushi. When you have to eat GF, you make exceptions with food. But with Bragg's, you don't have to. It is delicious.

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